So eager Premier League referee, Model Heat It Rela Leave Profession


Ex hot models, Amy Christophers, decided to quit the profession to pursue his dream of becoming a referee Premier League. Not in vain did, the article Amy is now known to have obtained the qualification of the referee from the English Football Association (FA), precisely at the beginning of this year.

Amy, who uses the name Brandy Brewer is currently acting as a hot model is very serious in realizing his dream to become a professional referee. He is even willing to leave the world a model, work that has been running since the 10-year-old. According to him, being the court in the field is a calling that could be bringing it close to the world he loved, namely football.
“I love football, refereeing would be a great way to get closer to football,” said Amy, as published by The Sun, Tuesday (05/10/2016).

“This is not just a hobby, but more likely in the desire. I went through this very seriously. I love this job wholeheartedly, even memyukainya me more than to be a model. For that I am willing to quit as a model, “said the woman, known to be the biggest fan of the Chelsea.

“I kept trying to continue learning and pursue this world. Premier League is like a dream, but I am very excited to be able to reach it! “He explained.

Strange Headed Jellyfish Found in Mariana Trench

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In the deep ocean waters are still many mysteries of nature that has not been revealed by scientists. As happened recently, a species of jellyfish new kind found in the Mariana Trench.

This uniquely shaped creature was first discovered near the Mariana Trench at a depth of 4 kilometers. Shell shape is very distinctive, because it resembles a Halloween pumpkin.

The researchers used a sophisticated submarine called ROV owned Discoverer Deep NOAA (National Marine USA) for this expedition.

“Scientists believe these animals belong to the genus Crossota, type of jellyfish that do not have a sessile polyp. They believe that this type of ambush prey quietly,” said Jennifer Frazer, one of the researchers.

Furthermore, the Discoverer Deep will crawl other regions around Mariana, researching sea volcanoes. Similarly, as quoted from Scientific Amer

Sudden vision Dark Light Eyes Could Be Sign of Stroke


OF umpteen forms of visual impairment, eye stroke is one to worry about. Just like a stroke caused by a blockage or rupture of blood vessels in the brain, stroke eyes can appear suddenly without any other symptoms that worry.

“Stroke tears came suddenly. Without complaining of dizziness or any pain, the patient can feel the vision light dark light dark suddenly. It marks the beginning. If it is severe, the patient may suddenly lose vision,” said Dr. Elvioza, SPM ( K), physician subspecialists retina and Chairman Vitreoretina Service in Jakarta Eye Center.

Stroke eye effect is often considered witchcraft by some people can occur when blockage or rupture of arteries or veins in the retina of the eye, which serves as a light sensor to the brain. These risk factors including hypertension, cholesterol, high blood pressure, abnormal blood clotting, the use of birth control pills, smoking, pregnancy, diabetes mellitus, and history of stroke in the family.

“In general, the risk factors supreme, there were three, the blood sugar disease or diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. If the three issues not controlled in time, stroke eyes can appear at any time,” he said in a media briefing in Spumante, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (05/10/2016).

Continued Dr. Elvioza, eyes still mild stroke can be repaired and prevented complications by improving lifestyle and controlling risk factors exist. Meanwhile, when it is severe to cause blindness, minimally invasive surgery with the laser that has been advanced to do.

“According to the indications, stroke eye caused blindness can be treated with minimally invasive surgery with a laser. The laser can work like welding help seal leaks in blood vessels or cover the regions of the retina that leak. The current technology allows the operation done quickly with minor side effects,

3 How Effectual Get Cheap Plane Tickets


ONE of the factors that a big consideration for travelers when on holiday is to prepare a budget for accommodation.

Moreover, if choose air as a means of transportation. Booked tickets still seems to be a frightening specter for travelers.

But do you know if there are some powerful tips to get cheap tickets, so it can save the contents of your bag?

As reported by Yahoo Travel, Tuesday (10/05/2016), there are three effective ways for travelers who want to get cheap tickets.

Register in advance to get the promo fare
So was the first to find out the promo anything offered by the airline. Register your email address to enable notifications promo offer.

In addition, there are several service providers promo ticket that provides ease of booking a flight.

Book your ticket long before departure
If you want a vacation in the domestic sphere, should book a ticket 8 weeks before your departure date.

Similarly, if you want a vacation abroad, must be at least 24 weeks prior memsan. It can lower the ticket prices quite dramatically.

Select the proper holiday schedule

Choose the schedule in peak holiday time is not wise if travelers want to reduce budget ticket. Message was tickets during the holiday season has subsided, so the air tickets and hotels also tend to be cheaper.